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Anyone here use the Quick Fuel Black Diamond Carb

Yep still looking at carbs. Psig had told me of a carb Summit has that is basically a Holley and can't remember what it was called thinking just a summit carb. Looking at the black edelbrocks i ran across these and jumped around reading reviews and forum topics on them and they sound pretty good and just a bit lower priced than the black edelbrock. I'm looking at 600cfm. I am not a carb person and i refuse to put a holley on my car again, once was enough. I borrowed an edelbrock for a week or so and fell in love with it, had more pep than I've ever had on that car in the almost 40 yrs i've owned it. Ruined me! So my biggest problem is not being a carb person and i want something that is as close to plug and play as i can get. Autolite 4100 ease or as close to that as i can get. The edelbrock was that easy but curious about these Quick Fuel carbs. Basically a holley without the name on it but so far what i've read, not as finicky! Any opinions or experience?

At the moment I have a borrowed 4100 from FEandGoingBroke on the car. I could of kept it if I hadn't reminded him I borrowed it!! Darn it! Nawww, I'd return it even if he forgets again, i might need to borrow another part or something one day.

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