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Re: Anyone here use the Quick Fuel Black Diamond Carb

Originally Posted by ShotRod64 View Post
From what i read it wasn't as apt to backfire as the reg holley and less adjusting to do. Only issue i might have with the Edelbrock is my foot. But other wise it was great. I almost was thinking it was the Ed that had the dead spot but it was the borrowed 4100 as the poor thing sat on a shelf for years and gary and i just swapped out the main accelerator pump and stuck it on the car. Always be forgetful but durn, by the time i'm '65 which isn't that far away, i won't even remember my name!!

Thanks for the input! Just need something that does well, easy to adjust and i can get out of my own way if needed. I'm a putt putt mostly driving in town so peak power isn't an issue really.

Weren't you in VA? I see it says Omaha now. You keep moving around!
I am active duty USAF. I was in Las Vegas when we met at Knotts years ago (before you had the quarter hung) sometimes between 2002 and 2005, then VA, then Omaha, then Alabama, now Omaha wife said she is done. Good thing I am approaching retirement!

No carb will cause a backfire, unless it's damaged or severely misadjusted, what I think you are referring to is that a Holley has an enrichment system called a power valve that can be damaged IF it backfires. They have added a check valve that tries to stop it, and it's rare, but Edelbrocks do not have that design.

FWIW, the Edelbrocks run well but don't make as much peak power, but we are talking single digits most of the time. We ran an Edel 600 for years on my dad's 390 and it did great. I like Holleys myself, but whatever you are comfortable with. You may want to consider having your distributor recurved at the same time. Having less mechanical advance, but starting at a higher initial advance and having the mechanical come in a bit quicker really makes a 390 drive nice on the street. Doing that and a fresh Edel or that Slayer, should work well.

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