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New car transmission question

Hey guys, I just had a quick question to help me on which route I should go. I just bought an 82 Mustang a few days ago waiting to go trailer it on the weekend assuming weather doesn't get too hairy up here lol. The thing is it's a stick car. I have driven stick plenty as I have had daily drivers/winter beaters that were manual and I have given them a beating playing around with buddies at times but not ever in something like this or enough to have much knowledge on them. I have always raced on a built c4 with a full manual and a brake. the thing is the car currently has a busted trans as he raced it a fair bit, launching it pretty hard and powershifting etc. i guess he was at the track and was testing some stuff figuring with some more tire pressure and a little harder launch it would get some wheel spin but it launched harder than expected pulled the wheels and split going to 2nd haha. he has a brand new in the box world class t5 its going to come with so i have done some reading trying to research a bit and keep turning up that they aren't all that strong. of course with anything you read though there is a big group that says they are junk and don't bother and others that say it's not too bad.

my question is I really only was hoping to throw it in there and maybe get through this season as the budget is pretty thin from buying the car to do much else atm but want to make sure its worth the effort. my plans with the car would be putting a bit of street miles on it with a bit of spirited playing and maybe hitting the street drag event up by me at the old airfield maybe 1ce or 2ce this year. i can't imagine traction on the street with the M&H street tires that are on it would be all that fantastic, and the air field drags traction isn't amazing. like you won't be doing any 5 foot wheelstands or anything but it isn't awful either cus they lay some rubber down and stuff, would be like running the street after a few good water burnouts. the car comes with a set of 26x10 et drags and i know with my 10.5 et drags on my old car if i launched at a lower rpm i could get out of there not too bad with very minor wheel spin but it wasn't violent traction.

i am pretty ignorant when it comes to manuals and the t5 for sure. just wanted to know what some of you with experience think if i were to throw it in and maybe stay away from a right out sticky track and just rip around on the street and maybe hit the armdrops a couple times avoiding full on powershifting it and lifting between if i would be alright to get by with it until i can save up to either decide on a beefy manual to replace it or swap to another built full manual c4 with a brake in the off season. just don't want to scatter a brand new transmission but also wouldn't mind having a bit of fun this summer lol

A little rundown on what info I have on the car

82 Mustang,

331 stroker
Quickfuel 650 ((i have a brand new 750 q-series on the shelf as well))
Victor Jr intake
AFR 205 heads
1.6 rockers
Msd 6al and distributor
HR Comp cam not 100% on model specs. said around 580 590 lift

frame connected.

suspension has been done says it hooks real decent and i've seen a video and it seems to ((sorry for lack of info))

8.8 with strange axles and 4.10s

has an M&H street tire on it and comes with 26x10-15 et drags on draglites

said it was around 400ish on the chassis dyno and did 126mph in the 1/4

thanks guys!
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