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Re: New car transmission question

Most t5's have a low (numericaly high) 1st gear if I remember correctly. I've got one in my 57 (292, 3x2's) and it revs pretty high in 1st (your done before you get thru the intersection)with a 3.50 gear. It was terrible when I had a 4.11 in it. I went through mine before I put it in and I've had no problems but I don't beat on mine too much. I remember when they 1st came out people would lunch 2nd gear a lot. I think it was because there are no stops on the linkage. I put an aftermarket short-shifter w/stops in when I did mine. When I was racing I preferred a 4sp toploader. Had one in a 427 Mustang and in the 61 Starliner I have now. No problems with either car.
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