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Re: Anyone here use the Quick Fuel Black Diamond Carb

Ross, I hope i got that right, you have been moving around for sure! I knew you were AF as were we. I hate to say it but I miss the moving every 4 or 5 yrs. It's a love/hate thing, hated all the preparation for the move but once that was over i was ready to roll. We've been in this house a little over 5 yrs and i'm getting that "ok time to move" feeling. Gets in your blood or it does for some at least, me being one of them! Don't really want to start new but the little voice is saying lets see what it's like somewhere new.

I had a vacuum issue when i had the Holley on there in CA. Tbirdchick and I both bought the same carbs from the same place. She never could get hers adjusted right, mine caught fire and my starter crapped out at the same time and i said that was enough for me. With the 4100 and same vacuum issue it didn't care and didn't backfire. In the end recently, the guy who hung the quarter started messing with my carb and we found that i have always had a vacuum leak, well, not always but after changing spacers. The two rear screw heads on the bottom of the accelerator pump on the 4100 prevented the carb from sitting all the way down flat. So we ground off the front edge of the spacer and all was good. The carb itself still had issues and i put a kit in it and still probs so tried the edle. Thinking back on the 4100 and the secondaries, it has never kicked in since the day i put it on there, even before the vacuum leak. Might be something they did or didn't do when reconditioning it as it was an autozone special. But it lasted me 10+ yrs so can't complain even though it should of been longer and probably could be. I just got spoiled with that other carb. When i finally get a new one i will go to someone that hopefully knows what they are doing as i sure don't! Cliff is too busy working, we (I and the other guy that worked on the quarter) never hear from him and he never replies to texts. He's a pile driver i think it's called, pounds holes for high-rises and i know he does come home late so maybe tired. Maybe summer we will see him again! Til then Pete and I stay in touch, usually just a Hi but we know the other is alive still at least.

Hope you enjoy your retirement when it gets here! We retired in 2010..shoot that means we've been in the house for almost 7 yrs. No wonder i think it's moving time!

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