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Ford 427 Builder Recommendations Needed

I am looking for a highly recommended FE engine builder who can professionally machine and assemble my 1964 Q Code 427 engine. I've acquired all of the pieces separately, so each has the correct date codes for my car. All I need is an OEM build, the way the engine would have been built in 1964. I don't need performance mods, or anything that will increase the factory 410HP. The car won't be raced, but just showed, enjoyed, and driven sparingly. Therefore, these big-time drag racing FE builders are probably out of my price range. I had my 390 rebuilt for around $2000, so my budget starts there and goes up a reasonable amount. Previous 427 experience is mandatory.

I'm in Iowa, so the midwest is preferred, but I am interested in more distant options as well. I have two shops locally (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) but one won't return my calls, and the other is being forced out of business because they lost the contract on their building. I really enjoy being able to drop in on the build to see progress and create a relationship with the builder, so that would be a nice addition as well.

I will install the bolt-ons myself (carb, starter, accelerator linkages, alternator, etc).

Thanks in advance for any leads!

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