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Re: Anyone here use the Quick Fuel Black Diamond Carb

Psig, I was trying to remember what carb it was from Summit that you mentioned in yakima, i could only remember it was like a holley but also a 4100. Shoot maybe you couldn't remember then either. I'll look at it.

Turbo, that's what i've been reading in reviews of the quick fuel carb. Tunability and fairly easy set up and not the issues the holleys have or as many. Most all of the reviews i've read it's almost as easy as the 4100 for initial set up. I am not a carb person and the 4100 i could put on, adjust air/fuel and go. But now I had a taste of a different carb and although i used to say you can't go wrong with a 4100 and many have used them for occasional drag racing, i find my self wanting something new. But then that 4100 had issues from day one that i didn't realize which kinda shows the kind of carb person i am!

I'll have to read some reviews on the Summit carb now also. I liked that pep and get up and go i'd never had ever in the shotrod. It was quite a shock to have the tires break loose while moving when i would have to power brake to get that before. Which i might add, i hadn't done since i was a teenager with it. I got slow. But can think of many times I wish I had that to get out of my own way in some instances on the freeways etc.

How plug n play are they in your opinion turbo since it sounds like you have had more than one.

Oh and psig, i agree, for my driving even a 500cfm would work. I'm becoming a little old lady and not the one from Pasadena! lol

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