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Re: Ford 427 Builder Recommendations Needed

Originally Posted by DeepRoots View Post
Yes, I appreciate the unhurried manner in which things progressed. He understands that many of us need to work on a project engine over the course of 6-8 months and never rushed me in my build.
Yet, when it comes to me having a question and emailing him, I always get a response in hours.
I understand that parts often trickle in and suppliers can drag their feet, this was explained to me in real time.... no annoying waiting for weeks with no response.

I can't speak for the others I listed as I have talked with them but never done business.
Either way, good luck to the original poster.

Drew as a supplier I can say we don't drag our feet . Shipping parts is obviously key to making money and staying in business. The sooner they ship after being ordered , the sooner we get paid for them. LOL Certain times of the year are ( like now) busier than others ( fall) and manufacturing time does take longer. We do our best to produce "correct" high quality parts in the customer's time frame at an affordable price. I can't ( obviously) speak for all manufacturers.

Experimental Ford parts collector.
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