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Re: Anyone here use the Quick Fuel Black Diamond Carb

What has been done to your engine, gearing, tire dia ,goals ?

The Quick Fuel carbs can be quite bolt on. How bolt on it can depend on engine build and series of carb selected.
IE a street series on a really hot engine opposite a fairly stock engine with a performance series.

A rather mild build and economy / performance oriented would select one of these a 600 in this series
I just installed a 750 version of this series on a 77 Tbird with a 351W orig engine its bit large but works well whoever purchases the car might want t do some other mods IE cam heads gearing
maybe a 680 in this series.

Both these series I believe have the Ford kick down linkage ability street series for sure Street HR series some of the bigger ones maybe not.

I also recomend getting your hands on a Holley book by HP and read up on how to tune a holley style carb.
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