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Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

I have a 69 fastback that I am finishing up restoring. I am putting TCI suspension front and rear. I am also doing a T5 conversion. I also just put in a new traction lock 3.50 9" rear end. I am not building this car for the strip, it is more of a sunday driver that we will take to laguna seca on occasion and have fun in the canyons on the weekend. That being said, I am now focusing on the engine.

The bottom end has been rebuilt stock as far as I know. When I bought the car about 8 years ago, It was in need of a valve job. I took the heads off and had them rebuilt at the local shop. With the heads off, there were still hone marks on the cylinder walls, and there was no lip on the walls either. It had perfect compression as well. That being said, It came with the stock iron intake and 2b carb. Also, seeing as it already needed a valve job, I figured they just did a stock budget rebuild on it. after the heads were rebuilt, I put an edelbrock performer intake and 600cfm carb on it.

I am looking to get a decent amount of power from this engine without pushing the stock bottom end too hard. I am shooting for 350-400hp at the flywheel. Is that reasonable?
Here's what I am planning on doing:

Porting and polishing stock 69 heads myself
full exhaust - headers, x pipe, flowmasters, 2.5"
roller rockers
new cam
MSD ignition, already have petronix ignitor and coil, msd plug wires
keeping edelbrock intake and 600cfm carb
It has a functional ram air hood scoop as well.


1)what cam kit would be good for this setup? I am totally lost here. I am looking at possibly doing a roller cam setup to match the roller rockers, but what one would I need for this setup? With the stock bottom end?

2) I am going to put a msd ignition with a rev limiter in the car. what would the redline on this thing be? Also need to know to plan out the parts I need to purchase. I presume about 6k?

3) recommended roller rockers for this setup? Brands, 1.6, 1.7?

4) any other suggestions you have or modifications that would be worth my time?
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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

Sounds like you are on the right path for 350-400 hp..You can probably get 350 fairly easy but 400 will be a little more difficult and require a "good" port job.Any decent aftermarket head would get you to 400 or over fairly easily....I would ditch the performer intake for a performer RPM...Does it have a totally stock bottom end?..Some ARP rod bolts would have been good insurance if you don't have them..The rpms will depend on the camshaft but with the stock bottom end I wouldn't push it much over 5500 rpms regularly..I would stay with a stock ford 1.6 ratio rocker arm and a camshaft in the 230 degree range@.050 and 500ish lift should get you in the ball park but I will leave that one to the experts..

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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

Use a cam with specs near the Edlebrock RPM with hydro lifters. Put in a windage tray, better oil pump driveshaft, roller timing gears. Get a better damper to not the factory cast one. Roller rocker arms the proper valve springs. 1 5/8" or 1 3/4" pri long tube headers. Good rear spring setup. Alum water pump and electric cooling fan.
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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

350hp can be done with your heads, increase valve size to 1.94 1.60 really spend some time on opening and blending the valve bowls an making a smooth transition into the ports, the intakes just need a good pot match but the exhaust is what needs the most work, it can take 20-30 hrs to do a nice port job by hand on windsor heads and thats if you know what you are doing and with a good electric die grinder like a makita and about 10 different shaped and length carbide bits as well as sand rolls. If you have never done it before and dont have the tools on hand you are better off buying aftermaket heads, even gt40, gt-40x, perfomer heads can be found for cheap as factor in buying the die grinder,carbide bits,sand rolls etc can set you back 200-400 bucks, dont forget hardend ex seats.

Cam will depend on rpm range,compression, gears etc.....a hyd roller will give the best power vs hyd flat tappet but a solid flat tappet gives killer power as well, if you want to run a cam with more than about .480 lift or run roller rockers then you will have to have your pedistals machined/tapped and install screw in studs and guideplates, if not you should stick with the old high energy or a small xtreme energy cam and dont even consider a hyd roller or solid cam. See what my point is? by the time you port, machine,valve job,hardened seats, valves ,springs,screw in studs, guideplates could have bought new alum heads for cheaper, I'm no a fan of them but with some work the chineese pocomp heads (vic jr copies) can work well for cheap an with alum heads the 400hp number can be done with a much milder combo than the 350hp iron head home ported combo. Rockers. your choice and how much p/v clearance you have, in some cases a mix of 1.6 an 1.7 work better but most use 1.6, redline can be anywhere from 5000 to 8000 depending on your, cam an the rest of the combo, usually a mild build will stay under 5500.

Bottom line is what do you want it to do? how much do you want to spend? I went from a 289 to two diff 351w builds to a 408 and now I'm thinking about upping my 500hp to about 650-700 with some n20.

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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

thanks for the help guys. I do already have an electric cooling fan and an edelbrock aluminum water pump installed.

As far as rod bolts, I really have no idea what was put in on the rebuild. I did add ARP head bolts when I did the heads. I am going to be taking the engine out when installing the suspension and T5, so I may go ahead and upgrade the rod bolts to ARP like you suggested.
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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

Do you guys think it'd be a waste of money to go hydraulic roller over regular hydro flat tippet for the cam? I was looking at this cam:

COMP Cams SK35-421-8 - COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Retro-Fit Cam and Lifter Kits -

I am probably going to get some aluminum heads as suggested and do plan on putting in the ARP rod bolts.

Also, is it really worth replacing my performer intake with the rpm intake for my purposes, especially with a stock bottom end that won't be pushed past 5.5 - 6k rpm?
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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

If you build your 351W to 69 four barrel specs using forged flat top pistons, swap heads and cam you can easily get 350 - 375 HP and keep the rpm for peak hp at or below 6000 rpm.
If you are considering 6000 RPM then yes the manifold change will make a difference.

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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

I think that cam is a small base circle cam, the specs are good for a mild 351w, with alum heads it will put you around 380 hp or so,with alum heads I would run a comp xe 274 hr cam (std b ase), comp link bar hyd roller lifters and have the cam ground on 108-110 lca, definetly go an rpm or stealth and a 650 speed demon mech sec carb especially with a man trans, you could easilly see 425hp and fantastic drivabilty.
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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

I am just finishing a mild build on my 70 351W in my XL. We used all stock bottom end and original heads. The cam is an EX 262h from Comp and matching cam train from Comp, screw in studs, roller tip rockers, etc. I have an Edlebrock Performer intake manifold and I just port matched the heads and intake. I will be using a 670 Holley Street Avenger and we'll look for long tube headers after we get it back in car. I downloaded the CamQuest software from Comp Cams web site and that program says this configuration should return somewhere around 350HP and 398 ft/lbs. The software is free and you can try all sorts of combinations to see projected output numbers.
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Re: Help building mild 351w in 69 Fastback

Just for reference. Take it for what it's worth, etc. Here is the 351W build I am doing right now. It is for my little brother's 67 Cougar. It is intended to be cheap and very low maintenance.

1983 351W block, bored .060" over.
Cast rebuilder pistons.
Stock rods and crank.

Cam is a hydraulic flat tappet from Elgin.
Advertised duration is 284/284 degrees. Duration @ 0.050 is 218/218 degrees. Lobe separation angle is 110 degrees. Intake centerline is 105 degrees. Lift with 1.7 rocker is .518/.518". Slow ramps and low stress on the valvetrain.

Heads are Edelbrock Performers with 1.90/1.60" valves. Unported. Milled to 58cc. Compression ratio is approximately 9.2:1. Rockers are Crane 1.7's.

Intake manifold is Weiand Stealth dual plane.

Carb is Holley 600 vacuum secondary.

Headers are Hooker Comps. 1-5/8" primary tubes and 3" collector.

Standard volume oil pump. Oil pan is a Milodon deep sump (8 quart) That I got for $20.

I think this will make 360-370hp at around 5200-5300 rpm, shift at 5500 rpm, run on 87 octane, and be very low maintenance.


1967 Cougar. 432 cid FE. C6, 9 inch rear.
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