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Hottarod 07-11-2013 05:26 PM

Pushrod length and odd keepers
I did not specify the use of lash caps but is that why these keepers have the groove on the insides? I have never seen keepers like this before. I keep forgetting to call the machine shop and ask about this.

I pulled the roller contact on the valve stem to the right. I've not had to do this before. I probably scratched the rest of the black off with the feeler gauge when I set the lash. Assuming that, the roller sits where the black ends with the valve fully closed. I am thinking that this looks good but better to ask...OR...can I just snug the rocker down without using the feeler gauge and get a contact pattern that way?

paulkane 07-11-2013 08:51 PM

Re: Pushrod length and odd keepers
In reply to your first question: The valve locks (aka keepers) pictured above are 10-degree valve locks, and yes they have a recess on their top side so as to accomodate lash caps should the builder opt to use them. They are equally effective with or without the use of lash caps. This is the design that was originally offered by (I believe) CompCams, and their patent kept anyone else from making 10-degree locks with lash cap recesses. The answer by the rest of the industry during that time was to begin manufacturing and offering Super-7 lash caps. (Super-7 lash caps are not as widely used now that all manufacturers may make the 10-degree lash caps, but they are perfectly fine lash caps nonetheless.)

In reply to your second question: If you are asking where your roller tip seems to be riding atop the valve stem, then yes, I would say that it is very much near the center of the valve tip. But if you are asking specifically whether this denotes good valve train geometry, then the answer is that where the roller tip rides atop the valve stem has absolutely nothing to do with valve train geometry. Any builder or manufacturer that tells you otherwise is flat out mistaken.


Hottarod 07-11-2013 10:47 PM

Re: Pushrod length and odd keepers
This is just checking for correct push rod length is my understanding?

Hottarod 07-12-2013 04:35 PM

Re: Pushrod length and odd keepers
I got some better contact patterns and my roller witness marks are tight and centered really well on the valve stems so it appears my pushrods are correct length. I am thinking I should order a new set anyway. These have been used in 3 builds of this engine now. The tips are polished and there is a polish zone where they got friendly with the guide plates. No groove, flat spot or indentation, just polished shiny. Considering I've bought new everything else I will probably get a new set. Am I correct in thinking that the guide plate shine is from some deflection of the push rods? These are hard push rods but old at this point.

What is not correct is my rocker arm alignment to the valve stem tips on the rollers. I'm going to have to back most of the studs up and re-adjust the guide plates. Some of my guide plate holes are threaded through to the runners so I stuck them with loctite as a sealer and also to keep the studs tight. That makes this a bit more of a pain but it has to be done.

I checked base, mid lift and final lift angle of the rocker arm as it presents itself to the valve stem. Those are good.

Checked rocker arm to retainer clearances, rocker arm to stud and valve seal clearances and those are all fine.

Valve to piston clearance was already checked and is good. That was necessary because my heads were angle milled this go around.

What else is there to check on this?

Hottarod 07-14-2013 10:41 PM

Re: Pushrod length and odd keepers
I Just discovered a big oops. I've been running the wrong push rods for my current cam all this time. I bought them 2 cam's back and they have looked ok so it never occurred to me to check what the cam called for. It says my cam requires chrome moly pushrods. I've been running hard steel ones all this time. I started checking when I noticed the polished area where the pushrods have rubbed the guide plates. I have to wonder how much I have been loosing with these things and if this contributed to my engine falling over on the top end of the track.

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