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Erik Lund 02-19-2010 03:34 PM

351C vs 383 vs 393 vs 408 ?
we have just pulled the 351C 4V out of my brothers 1972 Pantera.
It is parted and shows weare from low oil pressure etc.
The only sensible thing to do is to keep the original cylinder block and fit
the rest new after boring it to .040". It is already .030".
To fit new complete cylinder heads and maybe a stroke kit from Scat(?), will
probably do?!

The car need 400-450 hp(DIN:-), with good

So anyone thats done it with sucsess before?

We are chancing to aluheads but what are the best.. Trick Flow, Aussie, CHI or other?

- 61cc and another 2-3 cc caused by the head gasket make: ca 12,0 with a
flat piston 408 displacement and: 10,6 with dished pistons.

Alternative 2: 11,3 with 383 cu in, and flat pistons or : 11,56 with stroke
kit 393 cu in and flat tops ?

Strokerkit from Scat proabarly..., but schould we go for 408, or stop at 393 ?

- Flat pistons or dished? We are worried about how the oilring are on the dished pistons..
Could you also recommend rocker arms and a good cam shaft, and pushrods?
The car will be used on normal roads, highways and mybe on track, but just for

The trouble for us that live in Norway, are that it´s so many different ways to Rome, when you are dealing with the 351C...


L n L 02-19-2010 08:22 PM

Re: 351C vs 383 vs 393 vs 408 ?

The oilring will be a concern on the stroker pistons, but not on the dished. Dishing the pistons should not affect the rings.

If it were my Pantera, I'd consider a mild stroke and the CHI heads. Being such a unique vehicle, I'd have to check carefully to make sure the exhaust will connect to the CHI heads, maybe use some milder heads if that will be a a problem.

Lots of great parts for that motor, but not sure what will fit inside his engine compartment.


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