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How to get \'87 5.0 HO into \'67 Cougar

I just scored a 5.0 HO with 2000 on fresh rebuild for $500. Comes complete, from upper intake down to PS and AC and serpentine belt, and manual flywheel. Question is, all the accessories will fit in my engine compartment, right? Also, what should I do about ignition? I'm going to be pulling the FI intake off and putting my carb on it, so I'm not going computer. Should I just take the dizzy and coil from my 289 and put it on the 5.0? Will that work?

Also, is it possible to take off the smog pump and the AC and just get a shorter belt? I don't know the layout of the belt without seeing the motor (don't have it yet) so if this is a totally stupid question, sorry.

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