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How to get \'87 5.0 HO into \'67 Cougar

Use the front cover off the late model engine for your new setup in the Cougar with the serpentine. All you have to do is drill the front cover for the dipstick at the same angle as the boss is cast at using the correct drill size (? I cant remember what it is, sorry). Using the late model front cover accomplishes a few things it allows you to keep the timeing pointer that goes with it so you will have no doubt that it is right since you will be using the late model engine with the late model balancer. It also has the seal that goes in from the front and not the rear so if you have to change the seal you dont have to the yank the front cover to do it. You dont have to goof with figureing out brackets for the smog pump and timeing pointer because the early front covers and late front covers are the same except for the length of the bolt holes cast in the cover which affect for/aft position of all the bracketry and the accesorry items like the smog pump and the other brackets.

Oh and BTW dont forget to plug the old dipstick hole in the side of the late model block. There is a little freeze plug designed for that application, find one and tap it in, just tap it in.

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