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Tranny killing 1/4 mi time ?/Broader performance tranny

This is my first post here. I was told to come here because I need a few tranny questions answered that no one seems to know. I bought my internals from broader performance. I have raybestos blues in the direct,tans in the forward, and kolene steels. The direct was drilled and machined, and the forward was welded (in the hub?) for strength. The parts looked awesome. I'm just am not so sure the tans are holding.Oh, and Jay added a clutch and steel to each drum. It is a 302 in an old mustang. I run the bottle to go with it. Now it ran a 7.93 @ 86.5 mph and 12.58 @ 105.5. The car should be much faster. Then I was really dissapointed when I ran the bottle. 7.855 @ 91 and 12.14 @113. I can pull consistent 1.7 60ft on motor. I run a 100hp shot at 4k in first after it hooks and run it the full quarter.A 7.93 to a 7.855 on a 100 shot ?? I see guys run low 8's in the 1/8 and the use a 100 shot and goy to a mid 7. I thought I may push thru the converter, but I don't cross any different at the end of the track. Is my stall just slipping too much maybe ? I thought about a dyno to figure it out. But that can get expensive. Also on nitrous runs, the tranny likes to puke on the headers from the dipstick fill. WTF ? Should I put on a locking dipstick? I'm going to pull the pan and check for clutch in the bottom. But the more ideas the better. I really don't want to go to a 5 speed because I nailed my dial -in three times on Friday night. But I am certainly not going to throw away money chasing a problem around. I'd rather be racing. I just need to find out, something is definetly wrong.
If it helps.
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