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Tranny killing 1/4 mi time ?/Broader performance tranny

Well As for right now I have no traction problems right as of this moment.I consistantly pull 1.73-1.77 at the 60 ft. The "after it hooks " was to mean that I don't spray it right out of the hole because of the 8 in. I wait till it is not going to spin from the hit. The car is very consistant. It is consistantly slow though. I nailed a 12.71 dial twice and a 12.72 twice after that.
For fogger 408, I don't leak that much out of the dipstick or I wouldn't even run it. The little that comes out ends up on my windshield, which is more of a pain than anything. I have a dedicated fuel system for the nitrous which has a 3/8 aluminum fuel line with a holley blue and a guage that I can see when I spray. It runs at 5.75 with 950-975 psi.
Mario428. Like I said if you read the thread I wasn't blaming him. I put it there because I noticed a thread in here and it seemed like people use them alot. I wanted to get their attention. I would have put "BP tranny sux" or something to that extent if that were the case. But I am perfectly happy with his parts,machine work and prices.
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