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Drum brake overhaul, questions....

I recently ordered drums for my 68 Ford Fairlane which has manual drums.

Problem is, the car currently has 2 1/4 inch wide shoes and drums, but my new drums are 2 1/2 wide. I got the new drums from Dearborn, and all they carry are the 2 1/2 ers, not the 2 1/4ers.

Is it possible to run 21/4 shoes with the 21/2 drums, OR just buy matching 2 1/2 shoes for the 2 1/2 drums?

Will the wider drums create problems with the spindle length? Additionally, if I can run the 2 1/2 shoes will this cause an imbalance with the stock 1 3/4 wide rear drums?

Of course I know drum brakes are terribly archaic, but I like to keep the car fairly stock, and its the most affordable thing for me at the moment. The Granada discs seem to be impossible to find nowadays.

Any help/thoughts much appreciated, Thanks!
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