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351 C Lower Pulley Tips & 302 To 351 C Water Pump Swap Pics:

This is a 351 Cleveland lower pulley swap tip that may come in handy for someone looking for a single groove lpwer pulley.
For the lower crank pulley, I wanted a single groove pulley because all I am going to run is a water pump and an alternator. A 351 C has a 4 bolt lower pulley and the single groove lower pulleys are kinda rare. I did some snooping through my pulley pile and discovered that a single groove lower pulley from a 289 has the same spacing from the balancer that I needed, except that the 289 pulley has 3 bolts that attach it to the balancer. I looked a little closer and realized that the 3 bolts were on the same bolt circle as the 4 bolt pulley that I needed. One bolt would line up and all I needed to do was drill the other 3 holes. The other snag I ran into was that the 289 pulley had a lip that centered it on the balancer, and the Cleveland balancer had the lip that located the pulley. I chucked the pulley up in my lathe and bored the center hole of the 289 pulley out to the C's balancer register size which was 2.380. I then used a 4 bolt Cleveland pulley to transfer punch the other 3 holes, and I now had a single groove lower pulley that I did not have to buy or go look for. I have seen the single groove 289 pulleys new and in chrome, so if someone wanted to do the same thing I did, a machine shop would charge a small amount to bore out the center, and drill the extra holes.

The holes with the blue marker around them are the new holes.

The next tip deals with swapping a 302 water pump onto a 351 C, 351 M or a 400

The aluminum water pump is a Stewart Stage 3 Nascar pump that I bought used on Ebay for $46.00. This thing will pump some serious water, and it has a the 3/4" pilot which will match my upper pulley. It is actually a 302 pump, but I knew from past experience that a 302 pump could be modified to work on a Cleveland by removing the impeller cover and by just drilling a couple of holes.

The blue marker marks the holes that need to be drilled, use a 351C gasket as a template. The arrows mark the holes that will not be used on the Cleveland, they do not need to be plugged. Once the holes are drilled, the pump will bolt up, and the accesory mounting positions are in the exact same place, nothing changes!!

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