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Where to find new bumpers or good rechromers

On 2005-08-16 12:48, meo954 wrote:
This is for a 1970 torino fastback that I am redoing. There are some guys out there on the internet but I would like some recommendations. I am in Jacksonville, FL, thank you

Here is a local contact for you. Freddy Steffel at MustangMasters in Jacksonville. I'm sure if anyone can direct you to something good...and close by , it would be him.

Freddy and is business manager Jan have been very helpful with my needs on my Torino. Don't let the "Mustang" in Mustang Masters throw you...he deals with more than just Stangs.

Mustang Masters
8925 Free Ave.
Jacksonville ,FL


Tell 'Em Allen from Charlotte , N.C. sent ya.

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