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Look at what I just bought! :)

Gonna let my boy drive it... He's 17 now and needs one but I gotta get 3 more jobs in order to pay for his insurance of $1,200 bucks every week or two... something outrageous like that

What I was referring to was an arguement about a mustang with 5 lug axles and a V-8 but it came from the factory with 4 lug axles.... the guy said he converted teh axles... I never saw a V-8 on a 4 lug chassis ever and I've owned an 85 mustang Ghia 5 lug V-8 and now a 74 4 lug 4 cyl....
Anyway, it all boiled down to the fact that I didn't think for ever put a 4 lug chassis under a V-8 I think it's stupid, but apparently they did I just have never seen proof.... Or I have never paid attention to my customers vehicles I've worked on....

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