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Finally found a Ford forum

I've been lookin' and lookin' for a Ford forum without much success. It seem like if somebody ain't into Fox body and newer Mustangs that there's no place to play. I joined the Galaxie owners club thinking the website had a forum, but was disappointed in their internet exposure since there's no live way to share ideas except with fowarded E mails to everybody on their membership list, so pretty well thought there wasn't anything better, or so I was told.

Actually I guess I'm a closet Ford owner. Most of my old cars are GM.......... heavy on Corvettes with a 2 Chevelles, 2 442's, a GTO, 427 Biscayne and a few other od balls in the mix, but the Fords keep on showin' up around me like old stray dogs, and I keep takin' em in.

I've had a '67 500 Shelby off and on for almost 20 years (sold once and bought back) and even a 64 Futura in the back section of the building for a long time now, and a Thunderbolt clone/project on E Bay 4 or 5 years ago was too tempting to pass up, but the one car that's always been on the want list, but just hasn't shown in the right example was a 63 1/2 R code Galaxie. Actually I've wanted one since high school in the late 60's and have only searched seriously for about the last 10 years or so, but seems like every one I've seen was either rusty junk, had the good stuff gone, or some other skelton in the closet. Anyhow, I heard a rumor of a local, original paint one that's been inside storage and hasn't seen daylight since the mid 80's, and even though I was skeptical after having lived here all my life and never hearing of the car or the owner, decided to try and track it down. The car was all I'd heard it was, and maybe then some. It is original paint and I can't find a part on the motor that doesn't fall in line date code wise except for the change to an alternator. Near as I can tell from not being a real experienced Ford guy, the motor and transmission are original as the seller claimed. Even the exhaust maniflolds fall in line close to the dates on the block. The paint ain't great, and somebody got the stupid idea to have the interior rolled and pleated in the 70's, but otherwise it's a real original car, and even though it's got some light pits in the rear lower quarters, I'm gonna keep it original paint instead of strippin' and painting it.

So......... I guess I'm out of the closet with the local Chevy guys, who can be REAL cliquish........... there ARE Fords in the building.

Anyway, I like the looks of this forum and maybe we can share an idea or chuckle from time to time.

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