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Finally found a Ford forum

On 2007-03-16 18:09, rayell wrote:
The sale is from the estate of R.C. DeFoor, April 6th and 7th. RC didn't have no junk. Most of the cars that he bought were low milage originals. He bought mostly GM cars, but there are other makes. Over 100 cars, plus many parts, and tons of auto related items. You can call Bill Bonbrake at 478 743 1511 for more info, or email me or Pm and I will email you a flyer.
Thanks for the welcome guys.

I'm familiar with the late R. C. DeFoor, and of course his son's car stuff too. I didn't realize that his collection was being auctioned, but a lot of serious car guys won't fool with Bonbrake, and I'm one of those people.

Neat lookin' '64. There was another one that came from the original owner in Eatonton that's in Twiggs county still as far as I know. When a '64 427 car was mentioned above I thought maybe that was it. This car was black and may've had red interior, but can't remember for sure. I got close to buying it about a dozen years ago from the original owner who kept saying it wasn't for sale, but somebody more persistent than me ended up with it for about half of what I'd offered for it at one time. Right place, right time I guess.

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