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Re: Front Shock Installation of New Calvert 90/10ís

I had spoke with Travis at Calvert last summer when they were still doing development and testing. It seems that they have 2 years in trying to find the right combination. He said that the Summit/CE's were probably the best thing to use until the new shocks were deemed ready for the track.

I did a manual test of both shocks while they were on the table. The Calvert extends very easily, whereas the Summit/CE's in its 90/10 mode extended with a noticeable amount of resistance. There is no doubt the Calverts will be the winner at transferring the weight on launch.

On the downward stroke they were similiar, although the Calverts probably had a little less resistance there too--just not as night and day as the extension test. Hopefully the Calverts live up to their claim that they settle down completely by the 330 mark (which my car never did with the Summits.). I would like for the nose of the car to be down on the upper end, for both less wind resistance and for better stability.

I do wonder how these shocks will ride on the street. Calvert does have a warning printed on the label that they are for track use only.


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