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1989 351W EFI tweak

I have a 351W EFI in my 89 Bronco that gave out. I bought a new ford remanufactured long block to install. I pulled the C6 and had it rebuilt with a good shift kit. I have been debating doing some engine tweaks before I reinstall.
I'm going to convert to MAF (keeping my options open), so a manual mustang ECU is being sought out. I was debating pulling the stock cam and installing the Ford mustang HO hydraulic roller cam to help the 351W have good throttle response maintaining the stock EFI. I don't race or do the off-roading in my Bronco but I do a lot of daily driving. I seldom tow. Just enjoy a good driver. I don't believe a improved flow heads will buy me a lot of bang for my buck given my low desire to hotrod. I already have headers and dual exhaust. I do want to keep my EFI, I love the relaibility. I'll be installing a mellings oil pump and a cloyes true roller timing set. I plan to stay with my 19# injectors and have the TFI distributor rebuilt and curved.
Anyone out there have any suggestions or ideas.
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