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Re: Look at what I just bought! :)

My car has about 300HP and an extra 100HP of nitrous. I have a stock (1974) 8" Ford in my Mustang II with 3.55 gears. The rear end was rebuilt and a stock car mini spool was added. I had a local machine shop change the 4 on 4 1/4" bolt patern to 5 on 4 1/2". My drums were brand new so I had them re-drilled also. From what I gather you can use early Ford Ranger drums too. My car is driven a few times a week on the street, it gets beaten on regularly and I have had no problems. Joe Morgans Turbo Pinto went into the 10's with a stock 28 spline 8". The only 8" Ford failures I have heard about used standard transmissions. Light cars with 8" rer ends and automatics (like mine) seem to hold togeather fine.
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