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Re: Another example of Ford muscle

Originally Posted by Beoweolf View Post
Pretty sure the picture(s) is real....its the caption (backstory) that is questionable. As for what I know about this picture, it has been on the 'Net for a while. What I original heard, has something to do with excessive speed and the truck being airborne.

Yes, I agree its one of those 1-in-a-Million chances of the truck going through the air at the right speed, right trajectory and angle to land on top of the car roof, but stranger things have happened.

There is another "stupid people trick" where a guy drove his car up the guy wire supporting a telephone pole...again it was the result of the right speed, the right angle and the right idiot doing the wrong thing.
I still find it hard to believe. Take another look at all the crap on both vehicles. Looks like they sat in the corner of a body shop somewhere. And the damage of the two vehicles is not consistent with that kind of accident.

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