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Re: A460 BBF Head Flow

Originally Posted by plovett View Post
Yeah, the temptation is strong. Should I buy a couple of these assembled heads and get some port work done on them?

Ford Racing M-6049-SCJB - Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet Cylinder Heads –

Then I could start assembling a 466 or a 501. The low price is freaking me out. I'd only be looking for 650 hp or so. Nothing like yours. This would be for my street car.

I'm really struggling with this as there are now aftermarket FE heads that can flow around 400 cfm. Of course the price would be higher and the motor smaller if I stayed FE.

What a dilema.

Nothing wrong with a hot FE Motor, they just have thier LImits and can be expensive to get into.

That is a great deal on those SCJ's.......They will do 370-380cfm with a modest amount of blending And bowl work. 650HP is easy and a 557 is the same price as a 501....LOL Use the Force Paul !!!

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