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Re: 63 Galaxie Boxtop - CMEDROP's Build Up

I saw that kit. Looks pretty basic and well thought out but I don't like the bolt on part there wrapped around the axle. Maybe I'm too used to decent hp cars and am underestimating the ability of the kit to handle it, but I think I want something a bit beefier like what he built here in this thread. I'm sure I could get the steel stock and all and just build it but I was hoping to find a specific length kit for the cars that I could weld up after alignment. No biggie. I haven't seen a car with that setup on it to know it's riding and setting height anyways.

Nevermind. I found the installation instructions with pics and everything. Not bad really but $3900 is a tough figure to pass on to the wife. It's easier when it's pieced together and she doesn't see the total tally until it's too late.

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