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Re: Basic Interior Panel Restoration

It looks like it came out nice but something you may want to know is that all the waiting clamping and repressing are necessary because you are not using the adhesive properly. Read the side of the can........... the directions are your friend, LOL. 3M 77 is a rapid set foam based trim adhesive. If there is any drying time you are using too much glue.The trade off is the loss of ability to shift and work the panel as with a rubber cement for the faster setting time. Regardless with any upholstery glue foam or rubber based you spray a thin layer on each surface to be bonded, wait to tack, and then assemble. To check the surface is ready for bonding, lightly touch the surface if the glue is tacky but stays on the panel instead pulling off on to your hand, it is ready. If you let it go too long and there is no tack left you must reapply the glue.
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