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The Blind Leading the Blind

Originally Posted by F15Falcon View Post
Ahhhh, Cleveland myth number one. I have two 4V Clevo powered vehicles that will beg to differ about the "No Torque Myth".
Yep, the 30+ year old stereotype. Just for chuckles, these are a few highlights of the most ridiculous claims I've read lately. This is also happens to be a '67 Galaxie 351C swap. I call it the blind leading the blind.

...the rebuilder said i could easily upgrade to a 4v engine. all i would have to do is purchase his 4v aussie heads and use the intake 4 bbl manifold + carb. he didn't recommended it if the car is for street use. he said i would definately need a supercharger (blower?)...

...he mentioned the if i were to put closed chambered 4v heads that the car would idle like a heavy duty hot rod at low rpms. he said that the car will need to rev 1000-2000 rpms to generate enough low end torque to get the car moving from a stop. he said that a blower will eliminate that hesitation and produce torque at the bottom end...

...this an old guy that i went to. he has a good reputation with rebuilding any engine. he's been in the engine rebuilding business since the 70's. he knows what he's talking about. the builder was also giving me all these options to make the car either race like hell or just be streetable...

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