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Re: FE overheating question

I have the EXACT same problem….plus lots of moolah involved.
Bought a fresh “422 HP” FE from Tuff Dawg engines of Arizona.
New Aluminum heads. Installed in my ’68 Cougar. From the instant
I started the engine (including the 15 minute break-in run) to this day…
200 miles later, it still is running
between 210’-220’. Frustrated, took to shop where my new Griffen
aluminum radiator was replaced with a MONSTER crossflow one
(so big, they had to move the battery to the trunk). Twin electric
fans with custom shroud also installed. Still running waaaay too hot.
Tuff Dawg suggests stock water pump instead of the high flow I put in.
Switch made…(anyone need a new Edelbrock aluminum hi flow water pump??
.Still no change. (see where the money pit is heading?)
Street Rods Plus of Lodi, CA. (shop I had try to figure this overheating issue
out) thinks maybe backward head gasket…not sure but frustrated also.
I did notice at one time while cruising, the temp dropped to about 190’
hmmmm. I wonder if the poster who says maybe old freeze plug may be
floating around inside the block has a point. At this point I guess I need to
pull engine (one year warranty from Tuff Dawg….hmmmm maybe have to
send it back to them…..more money)….maybe best to pull current freeze plugs out
and rotate on engine stand and hope something rattles around and is accessible to
take out….wish there was a simple solution….
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