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Re: New guy with a old truck and motor

Yeah, having the ignition timing at only 2* can really kill the power and induce misfires.

The nice thing about replacing the timing set on a 335 Series engines is that the timing cover is just a flat plate of steel. Much less of a hassle than small block and 429/460's that have a million things bolted to or through a soft aluminum cover. You should be able to do a timing swap with the engine in the vehicle.

I'd get an inexpensive mechanical oil gauge to give you a better idea there. That's a critical bit of information to have accurate.

90-95 lbs is starting to get a little low for compression, even in an 8.0:1 engine. But if your oil pressure turns out ok, you should still be able to get quite a few miles out of it before a rebuild becomes a necessity.

But if your oil pressure is dropping to 5 or 10 pounds at idle once you get an accurate gauge hooked up, I'd say rebuild time is now.

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