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Re: New guy with a old truck and motor

Ignition timing does not effect your compression. Only the condition of your valves' face/seat and the rings/cylinder wall effect how well your engine seals. (And maybe the spark plug threads but that's not a wear surface and rarely a culprit.) So no need to do another compression test.

Glad the advance in ignition timing helped. I prefer to run engines with as much ignition advance as possible without pinging. It helps with torque and makes them run a little cooler. Advancing the valve timing with that Comp Magnum set will have an even greater effect.

If that 460 is in rebuildable condition and cheap snap it up. I love 460's too. But keep in mind that a 400 is already more engine than needed for a 1/2 ton truck's payload and trailer capacity. When properly built and tuned, a 400 will use less gas than a 460 and is much lighter. But if you just want insane unbridled power, no engine holds a candle to the potential of a 460.

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