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Re: Niceness Breeds Niceness

Originally Posted by Mikelonis View Post
You may be surprised, or not, about the hundreds of inquiries FordMuscle receives monthly from manufacturers, public relations representatives, and sole proprietors looking to have their products or services promoted on FordMuscle. 99.9% of these inquiry types come in the form of a generic email blast with no personal touch or attempt to connect with the site administrators. Nor do the inquiries make an attempt to offer you, the community, a value proposition. Needless to say, if an inquiry doesn't show personality, real thought, or value, then it goes in the trash.

Today however, in a rare display, we received a kind and personal email from an aspiring photographer simply looking to have her automotive photography shown on FordMuscle. While its got to be tough making a profession of photography during the digital era, here are some beautiful shots from Candace West.

I am sure she would love to hear your thoughts on her photos, so please sound off here. And please, resist the tempatation to trash the GM photos. Focus on the art you muggs!
It's all good. Regardless of manufacturer, I love the rusty,"field fresh" pics. Good luck to her. Maybe consider allowing her to submit a snapshot of the month..........Just a thought. Good for you guys as well, for the positive note for her.


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