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Re: Serious Inquiries Only

I feel ya Jon, but I don't bother to even LOOK at CL ads that have Serious Inquiries Only written on them...
They're usually someone that has a hugely over inflated idea of what their stuff is worth...
I hate tire kickers and I can usually feel them out on the phone and encourage them not to come over. I DO take trades in part for the car's or items I'm selling and when someone offers a trade PLUS cash I ALWAYS come out on top

But Tire kickers bug me. I get 100 people per month call my business (my cell) and ask me question after question on how to fix their cars or who much to paint or restore their cars... Those are the times when I feel just like you and would rather go to E-bay and Sell a Restoration for a set price with no haggling or silly questions abotu the shape of a butt weld versus a lap weld... etc....

The Effie was a cool truck, and the sic little Chero will be cool for a while too As long as you put Smoothies on the back
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