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Re: 2011 Mustang - Car of the Year?

I love everything about the 2011 except that horrid (IMO) rearend...the performance/economy, the look (from all but the rear 3/4 with that bumper jutting out and the euro taillights- at least theyre sequential), the interior is gorgeous- best looking/feeling steering wheel Ive ever seen...

Ive tried to let the backend grow on me, but it just looks foriegn to me, enough that not only wouldnt I want one, but the day after the speed channel reveal of the 2010, I called the dealer and bought a 2009 gt identical to my 06 for whenever it wears out...the 09s a year and a half old with 3 miles on it...saving for that sad day when the 06 is no more...if the 10/11 just had a mustang like rearend it would have been IMO the most desirable looking/most capable mustang of all time...I cant understand where the aftermarkets at on the 10+ rearend, I'm not the only one that really hates the new backend, theres a big market out there for some different taillamps and bumper cover...keep hoping to see something more mustanglike pop up, but then I'll be torn about what to do with the 09

anyway, gotta say the 11 mustang is the best ponycar/musclecar overall today...a bit worried the price is creeping up away from the 'average guy' pricing that was available a few years back, but what isnt...
who ever woulda thought a new 12 second 26 MPG Mustang was coming 10-15 years ago...the good old days are right now! some still dont want to call these musclecars, but how many musclecars could run 11's stock with a pair of slicks? I love all the oldschool musclecars, but man have we come a long way since the anemic 80's

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