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Lightbulb Mustang II rear defrost window

Heya guys, I came acrossed a guy selling a Mustang II Cobra II with the rear defrost window. I want to put it in my 76 Mustang II but I am worried about HOW I can actually accomplish something like this... I don't know anything about how I would get the old window out and put the new one in? My 76 doesn't have the rear defrost so I wasn't sure how the wiring for the rear defrost would go into my trunk lid and how I would SAFELY get the rear defrost window out of the Cobra IIs trunk lid... I've been searching high and low for the rear defrost option and it's pretty rare in the Mustang IIs from what I have seen... so I don't want to crack or break it. The last rear defrost window I saw on Ebay went for over 700... I'm getting the whole 302 Cobra II for 400!

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