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Re: Announcement from

There has been a lot of talk about the ads on the site. Mikelonis has pointed out that there has always been ads for other companies then Ford on here, it may only be because of the announcement that you are noticing this more then before.

If the biggest complaint that you are encountering is that you are seeing an ad for Dodge I dont see how this is so offensive compared to what you are served on most other forums on the internet. There is only speculation fear mongering that there will be ads for blue pills and free iPads and I have yet to encounter any of this.

As I have said before there have always been a lot of ads on this site and normally for sites we prefer to keep the ads to a minimum for members to focus on growing the brand of the forum and attracting more supporting vendors and showcasing the supporting vendors. Since to members here content is the most important thing on the site having postbit ads (ads between posts) can distract from reading the content. We have removed the postbit ads from members though they will remain for guests only.
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