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Re: 74-78 mustang II NEW gas tanks

Listen I'm NOT getting aggressive. Yet. :-) I was trying to help you and make a point, If you continue to look for something that never was it's going to be very discouraging when you never find it. Here is a link to a Dedicated Mustang II website. the forums there are full of VERY dedicated Mustang II followers. Also on the site in the tech area is a listing the MVMA (Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association) listed manufactures specifications. For the Mustang 75 Mustang II, the other years are the same except for that the tank in late 77 and later has a slightly different shape. Here is another source for the tanks as well a little cheaper
If I come across as an, ass so be it. There are more than enough misgivings and misinformation about these cars around without people looking for things that never were, i.e.; the 74 Mexican V8 cars or the Mexican 351 equipped Mustang II's, the factory 4bbl cars that never were. And all kinds of other stuff I have heard over the years. You have to make a choice on what you hear whether it is the truth or bunk. I have owned my II for almost 20 years and I have turned every nut bolt and screw on the car. I won't knowingly steer you wrong and I won't answer a question unless I feel I know the correct answer. You can take the info I give you and use it or you can tell me to piss up a rope. Your choice you won't hurt my feelings. I have a thicker skin... (I've owned a II Long enough not to give a crap about all the BS people say about it.) :-P


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