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Re: 74-78 mustang II NEW gas tanks

Something tells me I've heard of someone transplanting a Fox body tank into a II (not a bolt in but some welding and such was required). But I don't remember where or when I heard about it. What for engine/transmission combo are you looking at that you want or need a 20 gallon tank? Just wondering. I have a 351w and now with the AOD I get around 18mpg so that's almost 300 miles with the 16.5 gallon tank. The wife and I did a 2000 Mile round trip in the car last year and honestly that was about as far as I would want to go without getting up and stretching a little.


351W, Ported D0OE heads,69 Shelby alum. intake, Motorsport M6250A332 cam, AOD w/wide ratio gear set, TCI Street Fighter conv., 9\" 3.25 t/l.
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