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Re: Ford Muscle Forums Changes

Originally Posted by FEandGoingBroke View Post
Stanglo is a moron...

Is that you holding that Harrington & Richards 20 ga. back in the late 50's Old Gator?
Yes, that was me before the mustache...Around '53 or so...
( in keeping with the DanH theme:Harrington and Richardson )
That was my Grandmother's "big gun"..She had a matching .410...
And that flywheel was off a SuperStock 410ci Merc Comet,so 410/428 was the correct answer..See the holes drilled all about it ?It was a super
little car out of Georgia, but NHRA had it placed with too many other big Blocks for the weight..As I remember it couldn't come close to the index
and the owner went to a 427 Low riser. I got the 410 motor and trans
for helping him get a NASCAR crank from Bud Moore's people..Circa. 1972

390 GT/ C-6 /4.11
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