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Re: 2000 Windstar Issues - Please Help!

Originally Posted by 76granada View Post
Our Windstar has been causing me some frustration as of late.

- Major increase in gas consuption. 5-15mpg less than before on the highway, and even worse on the street.

- Hesitation when accelerating between certain speeds.

- Rough idle and very erratic idle at cold start up sometimes (even in mild weather) to the point that the engine dies.
I tried different gas from various stations, but only octane booster seems to eliminate the problem.

Could this be due to timing or something much worse?
Probably has a bad fuel pressure regulator.Probably leaking fuel & flooding the engine with way too much raw fuel. Is your "check engine" light on?Pull the vacuum hose off the regulator & it will boost your fuel presure up 10 lbs., but if it is leaking there will be fuel in the vacuum hose or leaking out of the regulator. You need to have it repaired fairly quick or you will ruin your catalitic converters. Hope this helps.

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