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Re: 65' Mustang GT body restoration.

Picked up a pair of 1/2 used 28x10.5x15S ET Drags from a track friend to mount on my new rims.

H - U - G -E ! ! ! !

As seen below:

The small street tire above is 25x8x14 on a 5.5" rim, which always looked large on the car. The middle slick is what I have been using the last couple of seasons and are 26x10x15S on an 8" rim. On the right is the new beefy 28x10.5x15S on a 10" rim.

How does it look on the car?

H - U - G -E ! ! ! !

Has the expected 1" clearance between the slick and the front of the wheel well.

Here is a shot of the 26" slick:

And finally, here is a shot of the 25" street tire:

Another shot of the big meat shows lots of clearance to the inner wheel well and frame.

The tire will be about an inch closer once the rear is narrowed.

Wonder what size street tire I will be able to run once the rear is shortened???


65' Stang Street/Strip. Dart 434W NA, Victor heads, G101A 4 Spd, 4:56 rear gear, on 93 octane pushing 3550lbs. [email protected]

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