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Re: Blue print 347 ford stroker fouls plugs

Mine is a Blueprint 347 base dressed engine. It comes with a Holley 600 cfm carb and a no-name dual plane intake manifold. The carb is a little small for the size of the engine but the throttle response is incredible so I never bothered changing it. And if I can believe Blueprint, it dyno'd at 418 hp with that little carb. My ass-ometer seems to confirm that.

I spoke with Blueprint after I installed and drove the engine a few miles just to confirm a few things, and they told me they generally set the carbs up a little rich and are a little conservative with the ignition timing just to be on the safe side. Same with the spark plugs. The 792's are a little on the cold side. I switched to NGK plugs one heat range hotter and they color perfectly. You said you have gas fouling of the plugs. Do you mean carbon fouling?

Incidentally, all of their engines are .040 over as they state on their Web site. In the old days we never went more than .030 over on Windsor motors, but .040 seems to be the new normal with most builders.

Another thought: your Edelbrock carb has vacuum ports for both manifold and metered vacuum. Make sure you use the metered port if you are utilizing vacuum advance on you distributor.

1966 Falcon, 347 stroker and C-4
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