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Re: Blue print 347 ford stroker fouls plugs

Originally Posted by GT350HR View Post
How can it idle at 600 rpm? My last 347 and current 408 idle at 850 . The 347 had a B cam and the 408 has an X both are in the 224-226 range @.050. "I" found I had to run a hotter plug with an aluminum head. "I" use an Autolite 3924 with 34* total timing. Idles in gear with a "stock" 11"C4 convertor , not a stall convertor. No black plugs

Thanks for the info.
No problem on idle it down even 500 RPM.
Just loses manifold vacuum an dumps to muck fuel in and gas foul plugs at low idle at base timed.
Our 347 at 415 HP from Blue print engine was one they redone with used stuff from there warranty stock.
They may have put a mismatched caw or wrong cam.
We have tried hotter plugs and all kinds of Edelbrock carbs from 500 cmf to 6500 cmf Edelbrock jets and metering rods and metering rod springs.
Even a Holley dual pumper.
Only thing that helps is to advance timing another 10 degrees over base.
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