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Re: How much power will it make

I am so happy thanks to the good lord I fired this bad boy up today and after braking it in I tuned the carb by ear for now cause I still have to hook my drive shaft up and get an aftermarket throttle cable I cant wait to get my gears put in I have them but need to install this lil 306 sbf with afr 220 heads has insane throttle response I'm not kidding with the snap of the throttle its from 1100 rpm to 5800 rpm like lighting I will make a video and post it to you tube when I get every thing else right I also wanted to add that for a healthy sbf a 200 plus size intake runner should be used if max power vs cubic inch is at play yes the smallest port with the most flow is grate but show me a 185 or even a 195 head that can flow close to 340 350 cfm I sure have not found one but a good 205 plus head with grate port velocity can like the AFR OR TFS HIGH PORT there is a reason those heads fit on a 4 inch bore maybe not flowed on a 4 inch bore but is a direct bolt on head so if you want an easy 500 + hp out of your sbf 5.0 get the 205 or bigger heads cam accordingly AND GEAR the car right and I guaranty you will make power
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