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Re: How much power will it make

just wanted to give an up date I have the afr 220 sbf heads on a 306 sbf and have finely driven the car let me just say that I have confirmed for a fact that afr 220 heads are not to big for a 302 sbf I have 3;55 gears in the sn95 mustang right now and if you stomp the gas from a 10 mph roll its like being on ice instantly and if your in second gear rolling 40 mph and stomp the gas its the same thing tires just blow smoke this is with 10 inch wide radials on the back and in 4th gear at 45 mph it cruses like a regular mustang with a lope to it cause I do have a big roller cam its in the 250 @ .50 range and high 600 lift and also I have turned it to 7800rpm once no valve float at all with fords stock hydraulic lifter and it fells like some one is taking there foot and pushing you back in your seat I just wanted to let people know from first hand experience that the afr 220 heads are not to big for a 302 and that if this block ever lets go I have a head that will work on a 351w and up sbf I made this whole write up cause I build my own motors and I read all the magazines that show you how to build and what to expect from that build that's good but they also use that to push people in the direction they want you to spend your money like afr 185 for your 302 then if sell your 302 and up grade to 351w or bigger then guess what now you need to bye another $ 2100 dollar head I would say the afr 205 or equalivent head flow wise would be best for 302 - 363 sbf that is doing a serous build for the street
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