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Re: 393W not running up to expectations

OK, here is the update for 2017.

Just a reminder that the only things changed was as mentioned above; leaf springs, Cal-Tracs, adjustable rear shocks, 90/10 front shocks, and the spec'd converter. Everything else remained the same. Off the trailer, 60 foot times dropped to 1.60, ET's dropped to 11.24 and MPH went up to 119.5. Not a bad improvement. No more rear end shake and the car left straight! The Cal-Trac system definitely tamed the rear end. Time to fine tune...

Now for the big surprise. As the adjustments were being made, a load BANG was heard and felt at the launch. The trans lost all forward gears and had only reverse. So, after a bitter/sweet moment of breaking the trans and realizing that the car had overpowered the trans, the car was loaded onto the trailer and taken home. Time to figure out what broke and make it better for next time. There is definitely more in the car. Just need more time to analyze & adjust what's going on. More follow-ups to come...

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