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No brake pedal and fluid coming from proportioning valve
The rear brake line bypasses the proportioning valve for reason unknown the inlet on the p.valve isnt capped and somehow just started leaking.

This is my sons first car hes had for one day. While checking the brake lights the pedal lost pressure and we heard a pop. Found the rear pin to the valve on the ground. Pushed it back in and now fluid comes from the rear inlet,im not sure if theres a rear outlet at the back that holds the pin (should this b capped in my situation or does this pin just stay somehow) were gonna try to cap the inlet and outlet ,bleed and see what happens. Essentialy we have straight lines to the rear drums. Idk why its modified this way but it was working fine, i think when the pin came out the o ring moved and now its leaking because the front lines are still going thru the p.valve and fluid comes out of the unused inlet, maybe thr previous owner capped off the inlet and it failed,

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