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swapping in a 400

I have a 74 Ranchero with a 351C I am thinking about swapping in a 400 short block from TMI . I have a set of Alum Edelbrock heads #61629 I know the 351C intake will not fit the 400 but will everything else swap over like the pulleys & brackets work on the 400 from the 351C. What about the motor mounts can I just buy them for a 400. I found a FMX with a bell housing for the 400 so I'm good there. The 351C that is in the Ranchero now seems to run OK it doesn't smoke or knock. I am going to make it my daily driver so I would like to have a rebuilt motor to start with. From what I have read on TMI's site it looks like the 400 short block he builds you get more for your money than what I have found any were else.
Thanks for any info Bill

Bill Wilson
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